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Italy - Venice for sale
What do we really know about the most incredible town in the world?
India - Indian Summer
Blending traditions and a need for plastic joy in amusement parks
China - Coal - The black legacy
Tales of pollution and human resistance where the sun is darkened
Italy - Neapolistan
A thriving Islamic community at the foot of Mt. Vesuvius
Italy - Baraccopolis
Yes, Italy's got slums. And the inhabitants are Italians
Botswana - Metalheads of the Kalahari
Follow the metal to discover where wild things are
Italy - This Land is Our Land
How properties confiscated to the mafias come back to the civil society
Italy - Terra Amara
Hard times in the fields for foreign workers
Uganda - From Wakaliwood, with love
The genesis of the latest African movie industry
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Photo Agency
International photojournalism