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Utopia in the desert
Women Empowerment
Violence on women in India has never been so evident

A 23 years old girl was gang raped by six men on a bus in Delhi suburbs. The injuries she reported were so dramatic she died after two weeks in December 2012. Instead of hiding her tragedy, her family demanded openly justice and forced India to become aware of this latent problem. Violence against w more
Turkish Blue Gold
How water resources may change a Nation's geography

Now more than ever, in Turkey water is a vital issue which raises tensions both inside and outside the country. At the beginning of the 80s the Turkish government launched the GAP project (Guneydoglu Anadolu Projesi), a regional development plan aimed at Southeastern Anatolia, also known as Turkish more
Aaron's getting married
A very special Jewish unromantic day in Jerusalem

Aaron Kreus, 18, is the oldest out of 15 syblings. Within the Ultra Orthodox Jewish community, family is the core and one of the most important days in the life of a mother and a father is when their first born child gets married. When a son or a daughter approaches the age to be wed, the family doe more
Swinging Tirana
A new life and energy run through the streets of the capital

Just twenty years ago, the city of Tirana was a sort of Pyongyang in the heart of Europe, the capital of a paranoid, isolated nation. Today Tirana is a vibrant, ambitious town, welcoming those who ran away during the Nineties now back richer, and with a better instruction. It's people in their thirt more
United Kingdom
50 shades of grey. The real thing. Consensual SM in the Uk

Sadomasochism (SM) means different things for different people. For some is a lifestyle, for others part of their sexuality, or even their own entire sexuality. For others it's related to a specific relationship, for some is a form of play or simply a lifestyle.

What is common in all tho more
The sleep of reason
How land pollution is killing Italians living nearby Naples

The window on the high-speed train to Naples, Italy, frames an idyllic picture - rolling hills, sun-covered vineyards, and fertile farmland. But beneath the fertile soil of this region lies something insidious, an amalgam of industrial, hospital and nuclear waste that is spiking cancer rates and spr more
Tango Miracle
How to dance all day long and live a romantic life ever after

Jesus Paez and Claudia Balbi earn their living mostly out of Tango dancing. They are the perfect paradigma of a phenomenon that is affecting thousands of young people throughout the whole Argentina, especially in Buenos Aires. After a long period of decline - that has reached the lowest point in the more
Jakarta Booming
Indonesian economy is growing at an incredible speed

It is has been one and a half decade since Indonesia has become a democratic country after the fall of Suharto Dictatorship Regime which lasted for 32 years. The recent election of Joko Widodo, the popular governor of Jakarta and former businessman from Solo, brought great optimism on the future and more
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International photojournalism