International photojournalism

It has been said that photojournalists no longer need to roam the world looking for stories: these days it's the stories which come to us, through the web and the legions of citizen journalists who tell them. It has also been said that the world no longer needs being explored: we know every corner of it, no matter how secluded.

In 2007, Alessandro Gandolfi, Sergio Ramazzotti, Davide Scagliola and Bruno Zanzottera founded Parallelozero precisely because they believed the opposite: and after all these years we still do. Every single day, one of our photojournalists finds a stunning story in some place where the web not only is unknown of, but there is no sign that it will get there anytime soon. Many of these stories have human beings as protagonists, and when you listen to them, you realize they'd be not worth just a collection of photographs, but a whole novel.

In a globally connected world we should know everything about, these stories still manage to move and surprise us, to feed our knowledge and our soul, to dismantle stereotypes and change the way we look at our planet. This suggests that, as long as human beings will be born, their stories will be worth telling and the world will be worth exploring. That's why our photojournalists and writers keep on travelling, and have no plan to stop.

Every day on our website we share our stories with you, so that you may feel the same sense of wonder and indignation and awe and inspiration that we felt when we looked at them for the first time. Just like the Equator, Parallelozero splits the planet in two: not between North and South or First and Third world, but between the stories which deserve to be told and those which do not.

Be inspired.
International photojournalism