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From the foreword: Wolfsburg (Germany) and Silistra (Bulgaria) are separated by 1,500 kilometers as the crow flies. But prosperity separates them more than distance. Wolfsburg is the richest town in the European Union, the one with the highest income per capita. Silistra is the poorest, the one with the lowest average income. The last Eurostat numbers are quite clear: in Volkswagen?s city you earn more than 140,000 Euros per year (five times the EU average), in the one along the Danube just 3,000. In Wolfsburg the minimum wage for a worker is 2,500 Euros, in Silistra less than 200. What does real dailylife look like in the two economical ends of Europe today? 

Antipodes is a unique book born from the collaboration between Alessandro Gandolfi, photographer and co-founder of Parallelozero, and Libri Finti Clandestini. The book is available in a limited edition: 100 numbered copies, signed by the author and completely handmade. The book can be viewed until April 16, 2018 at Officine Fotografiche Milano and, from May 4, 2018, at Officine Fotografiche Roma For information on the price, payment and delivery details, please write to
YEAR 2018
AUTHOR Alessandro Gandolfi/Libri Finti Clandestini
La Fabbrica del Duomo
Handcrafters at work, the Candoglia quarry, sculptors of the Certosa area, the cemetery of the old replaced statues; and then the tourists, the religious life, the ways of the marble stone, the unusual views shot from above. Thirty-six images which Alessandro Gandolfi has produced for the Italian edition of the National Geographic magazine, in order to tell what the Manzoni used to call "the great machine of the Duomo": all the photographs are displayed in the restored spaces of the church of San Gottardo in Corte, the palace chapel of the Palazzo Reale in Milan, until February 28.

"Il Duomo si racconta" is a double exhibition: the historical photos on display in the Archives of the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo, and the modern vision of the Duomo by Alessandro Gandolfi in the Church of San Gottardo in Corte.

Both exhibitions are reachable by following the path of the Duomo Museum, with the entrance in Piazza del Duomo 12 - Palazzo Reale.

Opening: every day except Wednesday from 10 to 18. Tickets: 2 Euros.

More info are available at the following link:
YEAR 2017
AUTHOR Alessandro Gandolfi
A legendary book is back with photos
"Twenty years have gone by, and 'Vado verso il Capo', like some politicians, is still among us. To celebrate, we gave him a new dress, but underneath it still is the very same diary written by a fucking naive kid: I would like that this also applied to the author."
Twenty years after it first hit the bookstores, Sergio Ramazzotti's legendary African journey is back, the description of an Africa that will never come back and another that looks set to stay that way forever. For the first time, on two brand new digital editions, published by Feltrinelli, with dozens of previously unpublished photographs that the author has managed to shoot and save from thieves and the military. Photographs illustrating the 13,000-km travel from Algiers to Cape Town, through the Sahara and the jungle on board all kinds of public transport - bicycles, trucks, freight trains, taxis, vans, ferries, small boats - or on foot, often left without money to bribe the authorities, but always close to those indelible characters that enliven its pages, still incredibly vivid after all these years.
YEAR 2016
AUTHOR Sergio Ramazzotti
A photojournalist's chronicle from Liberia
The new principles that regulate social relations in Monrovia are simple: if you touch the wrong person, you die. Touch the person who has touched the wrong person, you die. Get on the wrong taxi, you die. You distractingly scratch your eye or light a cigarette with the hand that has touched the wrong thing or person, and you die.

Ebola is a treacherous enemy because it is invisible, has the ruthless efficiency of a soldier, a terrorist who attacks with the classic doctrine of guerrilla warfare: to undermine the psychological balance even before harming physically. Living in Monrovia is much worse than being at war, where the borders between good and evil are distinct or at least distinguishable: here everyone is afraid of everybody.
YEAR 2015
AUTHOR Sergio Ramazzotti
Book trailer
An extraordinary piece of work in search of today's hermits, to discover the reasons behind their radical choice against modern life. From Italy to the United States, from England to Georgia, through France, Greece and India, these mysterious lovers of silence live in caves, in caravans parked in the middle of the desert, in monasteries spared by the madness of war. Someone keeps thousands of books in his hermitage, someone lives on a cliff dozens of meters from the ground, someone was once a rock and roll musician and now is a Benedictine monk, and somebody else contemplates every day the glory of an Himalayan landscape. All of them are, somehow, a bit like islands, and, like islands, are surrounded by the vast and mysterious sea of human spirituality.
YEAR 2014
AUTHOR Carlo Bevilacqua
An editorial initiative by leading French photojournalism magazine 6Mois, which puts together twelve of the best stories of women published in the magazine in the past years, in a beautifully printed 320-pages coffee table book.

From the introduction: "Twelve reportages which show today's women, far from cliches. The live in the U.S.A., in Qatar, in China, in Switzerland and in Mexico. Rich or destitute, literate or illiterate, young and less young, they are, as a Chinese saying goes, "half the sky". In touch with their time, they exist self-sufficiently, without being reduced to the status of spouses or mothers. The world's best photojournalists tell these twelve stunning stories."

Sergio Ramazzotti told one of them. The protagonist is Erika Preisig, a Swiss general practitioner who has embraced the profession of suicide assistant in Basel, Switzerland.
YEAR 2014
AUTHOR Sergio Ramazzotti and various
PUBLISHER Les Arenes-6Mois
Palazzo Braschi - Rome
The right to health is universal, yet health is a right often denied. For many, it is simply too far away to be reached easily. Millions of people all over the world are forced to take long and sometimes excruciating trips to access the medical care which is not available in their country, either because too expensive, or illegal. Most of the times, the deep personal tragedies associated to these conspicuous flows of "health migration" are unknown to the public, because they are usually considered of scarce journalistic value by the press.

This is the reason that brought us to launch Destination Hope, a project that aims to document the problem of access to health care worldwide.

Destination Hope is now on display in Rome up to January 7th 2015 at Palazzo Braschi - Museo di Roma, Piazza San Pantaleo, 10.

Opening: Tuesday to Sunday - 10-20. Tickets: 9,50 Euros.
YEAR 2014
AUTHOR Parallelozero photographers
Parallelozero is attending the Festival
We are happy to announce that during the 2014 edition of Visa pour l'Image festival of photojournalism in Perpignan, Parallelozero will present 3 reportages produced by the photographers of the agency. The screenings will follow this schedule:

Monday, September 1 - Alessandro Gandolfi: Russia - Kommunalka

Tuesdday, September 2 - Alessandro Gandolfi: Ethiopia - The great bourgeoisie awakening

Saturday, September 6 - Carlo Bevilacqua: Into the Silence - Hermits of the third millennium

Thanks to everyone who has made all this possible.

See you all in Perpignan!
YEAR 2014
AUTHOR Parallelozero Photographers
Mothers against Aids
In Malawi, one of the world's poorest countries where half of the 16 million citizens live below the poverty line, the Aids virus causes thousands of deaths every year. More than one million people, and 8.4 percent of female population between 15 and 24, are infected with the virus, while 17 percent of mothers are Hiv-positive and 85,000 deliveries a year are at risk of virus transmission. An Aids test has been made compulsory for all pregnant women, which at least guarantees the chance to act in time and save newborn babies from the disease. Among other antiretroviral drugs, Nevirapine is given to Hiv-positive pregnant women. In a newborn baby, Hiv-infection cannot be assessed with certainty before two years of age, but data seem to confirm that the prevention campaign is bearing its fruits. Among the 3811 pregnant women who since 2005 have been treated with antiretroviral drugs in the prevention structures in Lilongwe, Blantyre and Balaka, 2926 have delivered healthy babies.
YEAR 2013
AUTHOR Luigi Baldelli - Ettore Mo
PUBLISHER Fondazione Cariplo/Intesa San Paolo
From Cape Town to Cairo on the wings
An extraordnary adventure throughout the entire Africa, onboard two Cessna 210. Ten countries - South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt - more than 14.000 kilometers in 21 days, 9.000 liters of fuels, 10 kilos of oil, 26 different air fields, 12.000 images produced.

An epic journey that took place some years ago, today becomes an iBook for iPad, free to download from the iBookstore. Text and anthropological information by Alberto Salza. Pictures and day-by-day chronicle by Davide Scagliola. Main pilot and organizer, Andrea Guerra - Il Gabbiano Livingston.
YEAR 2013
AUTHOR Davide Scagliola & Alberto Salza
PUBLISHER Parallelozero Multimedia
Reportage nella valle dei segni
A book about the Valle Camonica Cultural District, an extraordinary area in Northern Italy in the heart of the mountains. The volume, part of an educational experimental program, features a reportage by Ettore Mo, one of the most important Italian reporters, and Luigi Baldelli, the photographer who has been travelling the world with him for the last 15 years covering hundreds of stories. The Camonica valley is undergoing a deep process of revitalization through cultural events and social reorganization, environmental and heritage protection and a better awareness of its social issues. The second part of the book is dedicated to some special guests: ten local young journalists and photographers who, after attending a workshop with Mo and Baldelli, tell five little stories of their own world as seen through their point of view.
YEAR 2013
AUTHOR Ettore Mo e Luigi Baldelli
PUBLISHER Parallelozero Multimedia
Alessandro Gandolfi for COOPI
Curator: Chiara Oggioni Tiepolo


Foiano Fotografia, november 2012 Umbria World Fest, Foligno, june 2013
YEAR 2013
AUTHOR Alessandro Gandolfi
35 years of solitude - iBook
Who are the Saharawi and which is their current situation, in the refugee camps where they are confined in Southern Algeria? The area of Western Sahara which is not under Moroccan occupation celebrated in 2012 the 35th anniversary of the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic. But it was an unhappy celebration as Morocco is obstructing the referendum that should decide whether the former Spanish colony, where Moroccan army has established since 1976, will proclaim its independence or integration with the occupying country. The United Nations mission, which is in charge of organizing the referendum, seems to make a weak impact on the situation.

Free to download on the iBooks store
YEAR 2013
AUTHOR B. Zanzottera, D. Scagliola, A. Pozzi
PUBLISHER Parallelozero Multimedia
Iconography of the Virgin Mary
A stunning collection of 240 photographs put together by photojournalist and writer Sergio Ramazzotti in over twenty years of travels depicts the variety of the Virgin Mary iconography all over the planet, among people of all cultures and religious beliefs. "God does not exist, but Mary is his mother" wrote Spanish philosopher George Santayana. From Europe to the Far East, from Africa to the Americas and the Muslim world, an analysis of the incredibly cross-sectional image of the Virgin, on altars, printed on fabrics sold in African markets, on souvenir stalls, on monuments, on the windshield of a taxi cab, on weapons found in war zones. Thus the Virgin, also venerated by Islam as the mother of one of Allah's prophets, or by the Chinese who in the past decade have embraced the Christian cult more as a Western fashion than a religious doctrine, appears in the most diverse contexts, some of which surprising and absolutely non-consistent, revealing all the global power of her icon. And, maybe, some sense of humour among her followers. With a preface by Monsignor Vincenzo Paglia, president of the Vatican's Pontificial Institute for Family.
YEAR 2013
AUTHOR Sergio Ramazzotti
Hermits of the third millennium
A new utopia? A distant reality? Forget it. Modern hermitage might seem a paradox in our self-celebrating society, but it's a growing and fascinating phenomenon instead. An extraordinary portrait of a small, solitary, soft world.


Encontros Da Imagem, DST Prize, Braga (Portugal) - Open Salon Photography 2011, Gallery Huit, Arles 2011 (France) - Photography Open Salon 2012, China House, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) - Fotonoviembre 2011, Atlantica Colectivas, Tenerife (Spain) - National Portrait Gallery, London (UK) - Taylor Wessing Prize 2011 - SpazioFarini6 gallery, Milan PhotoFestival 2012 (Italy) - Cortona On The Move Photofestival 2012 (Italy) - Singapore International Photo Festival 2012 - Galerie Francois Mansart, 2012, Paris (France)
YEAR 2013
AUTHOR Carlo Bevilacqua
The world in a district
A small town a few kilometers away from downtown Milan is home to many families coming at least from 70 different countries. Baranzate counts no more than 11,000 inhabitants, but has lately become a symbol of multiethnic life in the north of Italy, a place where cultures and traditions meet peacefully in a few hundred square meters. Photojournalist Bruno Zanzottera has explored this place for more than a year, producing a hi-impact series of portraits which tell an intriguing story about harmonic cohabitation and mutual respect among different nationalities.


Milano: Festa della Famiglia 2012 - Baranzate: open-air happening 2012 - Milano: Librerie Feltrinelli - 2012
YEAR 2012
AUTHOR Bruno Zanzottera
Ten stories, one future
In 144 intense pages of images and words, the author, who has been regularly covering Afghanistan for over 13 years, has collected ten exceptional stories which, with great depth and narrative force, depict a surprising country, extremely different from the way we have been accustomed to imagine it. The volume features a series of glimpses of hope which powerfully dismantle the Western stereotypes about Afghanistan, and show a country where not everything is lost yet, where hopes for a normal future are still possible, and whose population desperately calls for help so that one day they may become citizens of a real country.
YEAR 2012
AUTHOR Sergio Ramazzotti
PUBLISHER Leonardo International
Parallelozero for the Jordan Tourism Board
Milano: Via Dante and Piazza Duomo open-air 2011 - Roma: Villa Celimontana during the Festival della Letteratura di Viaggio 2012 - Milano, Brescia, Torino, Verona: Auchan Shopping Malls 2013
YEAR 2011
AUTHOR Parallelozero photographers
Tales of men and water
We all live in a liquid world. Indeed, we are that liquid. In fact water, that covers 71% of the Earth's surface, also composes seven tenths of the human body. Which element could be more natural than the one in which we float for nine months before we come to life? Almost all religions share a founding myth deeply linked to water. For millions of religious people, water is the basic element of ritual purification and communion with God. So, water becomes a liquid stage, where human comedy and drama keep on playing in countless repeats, always different and always similar at the same time. This exhibition is a voyage around the world through 38 photos, from Egypt to Chile, from Tunisia to Bangladesh, from Russia to Thailand, from Brazil to Nigeria, from Congo to Mongolia, from the United States to Italy.


Roma: Palazzo delle Esposizioni 2011 - Milano: Bit, Borsa del Turismo 2012 - Milano: SpazioFarini6 2012 - Earth Tour Operator various cities - 2012
YEAR 2011
AUTHOR Parallelozero photographers
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