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Swinging Tirana
Jakarta Booming
Indonesian economy is growing at an incredible speed thanks to creativity

It is has been one and a half decade since Indonesia has become a democratic country after the fall of Suharto Dictatorship Regime which lasted for 32 years. The recent election of Joko Widodo, the popular governor of Jakarta and former businessman from Solo, brought great optimism on the future and more
A Liter Of Light
2015 has been declared International Year of Light by the United Nations.

Millions of people in shantytowns all over the world are forced to live in darkness even in broad daylight. The shacks are often windowless, or so crammed that no light can penetrate, while electric power is too expensive or simply nonexistent. But an ingenuous Brazilian has figured out a way of tur more
Turkish Blue Gold
How water resources may change a Nation's geography

Now more than ever, in Turkey water is a vital issue which raises tensions both inside and outside the country. At the beginning of the 80s the Turkish government launched the GAP project (Guneydoglu Anadolu Projesi), a regional development plan aimed at Southeastern Anatolia, also known as Turkish more
Tango Miracle
How to dance all day long in Baires and live a romantic life ever after

Jesus Paez and Claudia Balbi earn their living mostly out of Tango dancing. They are the perfect paradigma of a phenomenon that is affecting thousands of young people throughout the whole Argentina, especially in Buenos Aires. After a long period of decline - that has reached the lowest point in the more
Utopia in the desert
A very peaceful and creative place for very special people

Right in front of the the Atlantic ocean, hidden behind the sandy dunes, there's a small strip of Uruguayan coast swept by the wind and away frm all usual travellers' routes. So far.

Cabo Polonio today is still a surreal place where a very strange community lives: no more than 50-60 people more
Traditional Chinese Medicine
The oldest codified medical system of the whole planet

TCM is characterized by several specific practices like acupuncture, moxibustion, meditation, exercise, pharmaceutical massages, food therapies, qi gong, Chinese Herbal Medicine. With at least 500 listed drugs and more than 100.000 recorded medicinal recipes in the ancient literature, Chinese Herbal more
United States
No one will trespass
A bunch of paramilitary volunteers patrolling the Us border

A group of armed volunteers, coming from different rightwing parties and political groups, gathers in the Vekol Valley, Sonora Desert, 87 miles from Phoenix, to patrol a territory that is also known as a perfect natural way for drug traffickers and illegal immigrants.

Due to its vastness it more
United Kingdom
50 shades of grey. The real thing. Consensual sadomasochism in the Uk

Sadomasochism (SM) means different things for different people. For some is a lifestyle, for others part of their sexuality, or even their own entire sexuality. For others it's related to a specific relationship, for some is a form of play or simply a lifestyle.

What is common in all tho more
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