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Thailand - Karen - No future, no hope
The existence of one of the world's oldest refugee camps is at risk
Italy - EXPOsing Milan
While the Expo is running the city turns into the avantgarde of Italy
St Helena - The Rock 1815-2015
200 years after Napoleon, St. Helena is still just a rock lost at sea
Jamaica - One love only
Intolerance against homosexual and transgender expressions
Turkey - Turkish Blue Gold
How water resources may change a Nation's geography
United States - Senior love triangle
Two women, one man. A story of love and solitude in Los Angeles
Kenya - Bach to the future
An extraordinary music school inside Nairobi's largest slum
Argentina - Tango Miracle
How to dance all day long and live a romantic life ever after
United States - No one will trespass
Paramilitary volunteers patrolling the Us border
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International photojournalism