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Shanghai - Rolls Royce generation
Ebola - Third Millennium plague
The new principles that regulate social relations in Monrovia are simple: if you touch the wrong person, you die. Touch the person who has touched the wrong person, you die. Get on the wrong taxi, you die. You distractingly scratch your eye or light a cigarette with the hand that has touched the wrong thing or person, and you die.

Ebola is a treacherous enemy because it is invisible, h more
Women Empowerment
A 23 years old girl was gang raped by six men on a bus in Delhi suburbs. The injuries she reported were so dramatic she died after two weeks in December 2012. Instead of hiding her tragedy, her family demanded openly justice and forced India to become aware of this latent problem. Violence against women has never been so evident.

Media now focus on gender-based violence and people ask t more
Africo. The death's street
Africo is a small Calabrian village by the Ionian sea where an invisible and silent tragedy is taking place. There is a street where people die of cancer more than anywhere else: Via Matteotti, known among local people as the "death's street". It is only 300 metre long and its death rate is incredibly high: 35 out of its 80 inhabitants are affected by cancer and 20 of them died in 2013. Antonio P more
I'm Italian, eventually.
Cristian is a young boy who is born from a Colombian mother and an Italian father who didn't acknowledge him. When he turned 18 he was entitled, under the Italian law, to become an Italian citizen. But there was a problem: Cristian is suffering from Down syndrome and this handicap (for this reason his father didn't want to acknowledge him), according to the officials who were dealing with his case more
The Secret History of the Mongols, the oldest literary work written in the Mongolian language, tells how Gengis Khan was able to put under his control more than 30 fighting tribes, and how, once in power, he declared homosexuality immediately illegal in order to attempt to increase the population of his new empire. Today, more than 800 years later, Mongolia is an independent country with the lowes more
Malanka is a thousands of years old Ukrainian and Romanian traditional festival with unknown origin, most probably of pre -Christian times. Despite the critical situation in the country, fighting to preserve a political and social identity, this ancient tradition continues. Malanka festival is in fact celebrated every time at the beginning of the New Year according to the Julian calendar which siz more
Destination Hope
The right to health is universal, yet health is a right often denied. For many, it is simply too far away to be reached easily. Millions of people all over the world are forced to take long and sometimes excruciating trips to access the medical assistance which is not available in their city or country, either because too expensive for their pockets, because it is not readily accessible or because more
The Companion
When doctor Erika Preisig asks your name and date of birth, it means you are one step away from death. Right afterwards, the person who answered those questions takes his life, opening with his own hand the valve of an IV which contains a lethal substance. In thirty seconds, the person falls into a deep sleep, and in three minutes his heart stops beating. Preisig is a suicide assistant and, in a n more
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