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United States
Senior love triangle
Two women, one man. A story of love and solitude in Los Angeles

It's not a scandal, nor a matter of social issues. This story simply documents Jeanie, 82, Will, 84, and Adina, 90, very peculiar and unconventional relationship. They view their connection as a shield from the loneliness of aging. Even though Jeanie, Will and Adina's relationship began at a senior more
Turkish Blue Gold
How water resources may change a Nation's geography

Now more than ever, in Turkey water is a vital issue which raises tensions both inside and outside the country. At the beginning of the 80s the Turkish government launched the GAP project (Guneydoglu Anadolu Projesi), a regional development plan aimed at Southeastern Anatolia, also known as Turkish more
United States
No one will trespass
Paramilitary volunteers patrolling the Us border

A group of armed volunteers, coming from different rightwing parties and political groups, gathers in the Vekol Valley, Sonora Desert, 87 miles from Phoenix, to patrol a territory that is also known as a perfect natural way for drug traffickers and illegal immigrants.

Due to its vastness it more
Swinging Tirana
A new life and energy run through the streets of the capital

Just twenty years ago, the city of Tirana was a sort of Pyongyang in the heart of Europe, the capital of a paranoid, isolated nation. Today Tirana is a vibrant, ambitious town, welcoming those who ran away during the Nineties now back richer, and with a better instruction. It's people in their thirt more
Out of Tibet
Tenacious daily life of Tibetans refugees spread around the world

Before the Chinese occupation in 1949-50, Tibetans where estimated to be up to 6 million. Now in their original land live around 4.5 million people only. One million have been killed or died due to torture or starvation during the Chinese invasion, while the rest (the official number is 150.000, but more
The sleep of reason
How land pollution is killing Italians living nearby Naples

The window on the high-speed train to Naples, Italy, frames an idyllic picture - rolling hills, sun-covered vineyards, and fertile farmland. But beneath the fertile soil of this region lies something insidious, an amalgam of industrial, hospital and nuclear waste that is spiking cancer rates and spr more
Tango Miracle
How to dance all day long and live a romantic life ever after

Jesus Paez and Claudia Balbi earn their living mostly out of Tango dancing. They are the perfect paradigma of a phenomenon that is affecting thousands of young people throughout the whole Argentina, especially in Buenos Aires. After a long period of decline - that has reached the lowest point in the more
The Kurdish Bride
A very peculiar marriage between a Kurdish girl and a Turkish boy

Only scratched on the surface by the passing of time, by the Islamic conquest and other foreign dominations, the Kurdish culture is now in great danger: their entire world is on the verge of being forgotten, or worse, almost losing its true identity, confused in recent years with the Muslim or Turki more
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