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Ebola - Third Millennium plague
The new principles that regulate social relations in Monrovia are simple: if you touch the wrong person, you die. Touch the person who has touched the wrong person, you die. Get on the wrong taxi, you die. You distractingly scratch your eye or light a cigarette with the hand that has touched the wrong thing or person, and you die.

Ebola is a treacherous enemy because it is invisible, h more
After the Second World War, the Italian territory begun to be sistematically abandoned. The need of a job, politics and infrastructures favouring urban settlements and natural causes produced a progressive, definitive abandon of many villages. The Italian Revenue Agency recently conducted a research called "Ghost houses", to give a reliable image of this abandon: over a million of unregistered pro more
Women Empowerment
A 23 years old girl was gang raped by six men on a bus in Delhi suburbs. The injuries she reported were so dramatic she died after two weeks in December 2012. Instead of hiding her tragedy, her family demanded openly justice and forced India to become aware of this latent problem. Violence against women has never been so evident.

Media now focus on gender-based violence and people ask t more
United States
In the name of Hitler
"We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children."

This words - pronounced by David Lane - comes directly from "Mein Kampf" and represent one of the main concepts of the American National Socialist Movement. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center in Washington, the NSM is now-a-days the most important and active party of the extreme right in the United S more
During the Soviet period, the "kommunalke" were collective households where families used to live together sharing kitchen, bathroom and telephone. The kommunalke have not disappeared even after the consumerism era. To this day hundreds of thousand of poor families still live in the noble palaces of Saint Petersburg (Unesco World Heritage Site since 1990).

The kommunalke represent today more
Destination Hope
The right to health is universal, yet health is a right often denied. For many, it is simply too far away to be reached easily. Millions of people all over the world are forced to take long and sometimes excruciating trips to access the medical assistance which is not available in their city or country, either because too expensive for their pockets, because it is not readily accessible or because more
Guinea Bissau
Saudade Bissau
When during Fifteenth century the Portuguese fleet begun to sail the Atlantic ocean, Guinea coasts were among the first territories to be explored, and in 1446 Portugal declared them as its own possession. The real colonisation started a lot later, and it was the result of endless conflicts - mostly with other European nations. Guinea's indipendence came quite late too, in 1974, after a long war o more
Homs reborn
Homs is Syria's third largest city and it is situated in the Western part of the country. During the whole civil war - which has determined more than 3 million refugees - its heart has been dramatically hit by the devastation of street fighting and heavy bombing, transforming the whole place in a heap of ruins. Now-a-days the area of the old town - where the Syrian opposition has been based since more
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