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Whether real or fake, relics of saints are powerful objects of worship

The sacred "grand tour" of Italy is the itinerary of Christian relics that extends from Rome throughout the entire peninsula. It touches Padua (St. Francis), passing through Genoa (St. John the Baptist), descending to Naples (St. Januarius) all the way down to Catania (St. Agatha). The relics are a more
The hidden virus
The fate of dark-skinned women

The shadows of Recife's skyscrapers stretch for miles towards the hinterland of Paraiba and the rural villages of Pernambuco in northeastern Brazil.
They hide black or mulatto mothers, under the age of 19 or over 40. They are not very well educated, but they are united by a fate that seems to more
A startup nation
Tel Aviv: new economy and ideas in the Silicon Wadi.

A young city (it will only celebrate its 100th birthday in 2019) made for the young people. It's a place for those with a yearning for life, but also for new entrepreneurs who have an idea and want to put it into practice. It doesn't matter where you're from or what your story is: in Tel Aviv you'll more
Tempelhof playground
The take-off runaway of dreams

From the City of the Wall to the Lung of Europe. Thanks to the Tempelhof airport recovery project, Berlin is again relishing in large open spaces. After the acquisition of the 386 hectares that marked the history of German aviation and their conversion into a huge urban park in 2009, the city admini more
Back in black
The Hasidic Jews pilgrimage in Chernobyl

Black shadows wander through Chernobyl, the Ukrainian city that suffered the greatest nuclear disaster in history. They appear against the light before broken windows. They obliquely pass over walls, caressing the peeling plaster in silence. They sigh over sarcophagi covered with unlit candles. And more
Puerto Rico
Maria, the hurricane of change
A very different future

Puerto Rico's year zero began with Maria. After having struck the Caribbean island in September 2017, the violent category 5 hurricane has set processes in motion that are radically changing the lives of local inhabitants. Plywood houses are slowly reappearing in the devastated countryside, the furn more
Of men and wolves
The story of a return

Men and wolves: instinct and reason, pack and society, nature and urbanisation; the thousand-year intertwining of two species, creating a unique history that is part science, but also part fears, irrationality and legends. Men and wolves have always coexisted in history, distrusting each other but s more
Everybody on board!
Enjoying life while floating on water

There are some who hate them and some who can no longer do without them. Some consider them floating tourist villages: a parallel world where time passes differently (but the kitchen is always open). Others call them "holiday starters": a quick taste of the locations where stops are planned ("to eve more
Phi Phi Islands - A paradise lost
How to destroy a unique natural environment

Goodbye Maya Bay! The island paradise made world famous by the cult film The Beach starring Leonardo Di Caprio is no longer the uncontaminated haven depicted in the film by director Danny Boyle in 2000. In fact, it has become the perfect example of how uncontrolled and excessive tourism, in the spac more
United States
The Gay Chapel of Las Vegas
What God has joined together, let no one separate

Ron and Jamie have always wanted to unite couples regardless of their sex. That's why 16 years ago they decided to create the Gay Chapel of Las Vegas, the first gay chapel in Vegas.

After having long celebrated unrecognised homosexual unions, the chapel has became more organised on October 9 more
The new world of retirees
Where your money doubles up. If you are old

Known since Roman times as "Finis Terrae", meaning the last part of Europe before the great ocean, Portugal has actually become the land of new beginnings.
Ever since the government introduced the subsidised tax regime for those requesting "habitual resident" status (Nao habitual resident) in 20 more
The power of Mozzarella
All Indians are now crazy for Pizza

The pizza in Calcutta is so good that it is literally unrivaled worldwide. Although the capital of West Bengal is considered the stronghold of the best Indian gastronomic specialties, an Italian entrepreneur has succeeded in ousting the supremacy of pakoras, puris and dosas with a lethal weapon: "ze more
Mechelen. A social fairy tale
On the road to an open Europe

In the ranking for identifying the best integration lab in Europe, Mechelen has all the right cards for aspiring to first place.
Unlike other Belgian cities with an outbreak of almost 500 foreign fighters and the scenes of multiple terrorist attacks, the heart of Flanders - governed by Mayor B more
The pink folk
Epic cycling in the heart of the Mediterranean

In Italy cycling goes hand in hand with the Giro d'Italia. That's a fact. Here sweat and suffering ("No talk and all battle", said the cyclist Felice Gimondi) are combined with folkloristic, widespread cheering: the Italians come down to the street all along the peninsula during the Giro, touching a more
The Lifeboat
Along the Napo River, healthcare floats by once a month

Those who live along the Napo river - a tributary of the Amazon river in Peruvian territory - pray for one thing: never to get sick.
For the more than 50,000 persons who live in almost completely isolated communities along the 667-km-long Peruvian stretch of the river, even the simplest disease more
Mazara - No More Fishing
The most Arab city in Italy opens the doors of his Casbah

The names Mazara del Vallo or Mahdia del Vallo come from the Tunisian city which most of the Tunisian families who have been living in Mazara for decades originally came from. Mazara: the fishing town which no longer has fishing boats and fish, and will soon also lose its fishermen. Mazara and the C more
International photojournalism