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Pure white
Albinism in Europe

Albinism is a rare (and thus little studied) genetic anomaly that affects people in variable extent in every corner of the earth. The available data are scarce and it is not easy to get an idea of its spread. In Europe there seems to be an incidence of 1 in 17,000, in Africa the percentage is higher more
Brothers and Sisters
My Mennonite family

"I used to be a Mennonite, so I began to tell a story about Russian Mennonites who today live in German speaking villages in Sibiria, Germany and Manitoba (Canada). Although Russian Mennonites have been living apart for up to two decades, they are still connected by their faith, their traditions and more
The rhythm of a change
Favelas new lifestyle

The favelas of Rio de Janeiro are mostly known for violence and drug trafficking. But, even if those problems still exist, life for most of the inhabitants has nothing to do with that. Favelas are becoming safer and better organized. The majority of them have running water and electricity and offer more
The Q crisis
When a life in a queue is a nightmare come true

High inflation, continuos blackouts, hospitals without medications, endless queues out of supermarkets and the capital, Caracas, declared the "most dangerous town in the world".

Venezuela is living one of its worst moments: corruption, devastating policies and the oil price drop put the wh more
Islam in Cuba
Another faith under the Caribbean sun

According to a recent, yet unofficial, survey, the Cuban Muslim community should count around 4,000 people, most of them converted in recent years. Raul Castro's government is in fact more flexible not just in terms of diplomatic and trade relations, but also in terms of freedom of belief. This resu more
Kakuma, nowhere on Earth
Where Islamic terrorism meets no-man's land

In the extreme north of Kenya, not far from the South Sudanese border, is a hot, dusty and waterless place called nowhere. Or Kakuma, as it translates in the local Turkana language. Since 1992, Kakuma is the place that the Kenya government has chosen to give temporary shelter to hundreds of thousand more
Facing the Blue
Shark fishing in Mexico

Shark fishing in Mexico is considered one of the toughest and most dangerous jobs in the world.
"Miedo y respecto" (fear and respect) are two words that Reyes Cosio, a 10 years experienced shark fisherman, always uses to define the relationship between himself and the surrounding environment. more
18 epic stories of dreams (almost) come true

Utopia is a combination of three Greek words: Eu (good), Ou (not), and Topos (place). Utopia then translates as "good no-place". It is important to remember that, being Utopia located in a "no-place", it is virtually impossible to reach it. As American artist Steve Lambert wrote, "the reason we imag more
Gimme shelter
What is it like to be a refugee in a Swiss fallout shelter?

A legacy from the Cold War, public fallout shelters are scattered all over Switzerland. During last months, the number of political refugees in the country grew a lot, so dozens of those shelters, unused from many years, have been transformed in assistance infrastructures for them.

Many sh more
20 years after the slaughter
Tibhirine Monastery. A revenant hope

The night between 26th and 27th March 1996, seven Trappist monks belonging to the Notre Dame de l'Atlas monastery in Tibhirine, Algeria, were kidnapped by terrorists. Their heads were found two months later near the town of Medea. Twenty years later, despite the investigations, thousands of articles more
Bollywood Talkies
The country's movie theater world is definitely changing

The historic single screen cinemas are recently experiencing a deep identity and economic crisis, leading them to a fast disappearance. Simultaneously, multiple modern screen centers are at the peak of their development and success. As well as the entire Indian film industry. The videos parlour inst more
The invisibles
An unexpected journey throughout Swiss poverty

In Switzerland, according to Caritas, more than a person out of ten live under the poverty threshold. Half of these people live in extreme poverty. It's quite uncommon to have 'Switzerland' and 'poverty' in the same sentence, but poverty in this rich country exists, it's a fact.

In great c more
Hell's kitchen
How a cook becomes a symbol of Mogadishu's painful rebirthing

Ahmed Jama is a cook. He had a quiet job in London, yet one day he decided to return to his Mogadishu. Here he opened a restaurant with the idea of restoring confidence in a city ravaged by civil war, and of healing with food the fractures caused by the conflict. The al-Shabaab islamic extremists more
Damascus on the Bosphorus
The better-off Syrians today live in Istanbul

It's the largest Syrian city out of Syria. Some Syrians just pass from Istanbul: they're going to Europe. Many others decided to stay there, starting their life again and populating a town in the town counting over a million people. Someone call this community Damascusbul.

It's something f more
A double happy marriage
Za'atari. Two brothers and a wedding

Zagharit is the Arabic name of the long, wavering, high-pitched vocal sound, resembling a howl with a trilling quality, which all women make around the bride and then the groom in every single marriage from Morocco to Iraq. We are in the streets of the Syrian Refugee Camp of Za'atari, in the north o more
'Migrants, come over here!'
An invite from Riace

Domenico Lucano, Mayor of the small village of Riace in Calabria, Southern Italy, has just been ranked among the 50 most influential leaders in the world by the American magazine Fortune. His name is listed next to people like Angela Merkel and Aung San Suu Kyi.

Riace itself is already kno more
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International photojournalism