International photojournalism

A better future?

Africa celebrates half a century since it began to free itself from colonialism. For the very first time the future of an entire Continent is in the hands of millions of young people who can eventually try to lead their countries to a rapid radical change and rise. Over the past decade six of the te more
Moms for rent
Humiliating practice for women or a way to fight decreasing fertility?

Some months ago, more than 2,300 experts from all over the world signed an International Declaration for pushing the institutions of all Countries to forbid the civil registration by non-biological parents of children born through surrogacy. Subsequently, the European Parliament passed a resolution more
Tokyo, crazy for jazz
Discovering the roots of Japanese jazz. And yes, they're deep

It may sound strange to many, but Tokyo's jazz scene is one of the most vibrant on the planet. Japan met jazz music in the '20s of last century, while the U.S.A. were occupying Philippines. From there, jazz entered the Japanese society and today there are more jazz clubs in Tokyo than in New York Ci more
I ran from Iran

"I started photography when I was 18 years old. At the beginning I worked as a waiter in a restaurant in Sari, in Northern Iran, to earn some money to buy me a camera. In 2005 I began taking pictures for Fars News Agency in Iran after I met its picture editor by chance. I still remember that during more

During the Soviet period, the "kommunalke" were collective households where families used to live together sharing kitchen, bathroom and telephone. The kommunalke have not disappeared even after the consumerism era. To this day hundreds of thousand of poor families still live in the noble palaces of more
Nogales. Low-cost dentists

Koali lives in Alaska but her dentist is in Nogales, Mexico. She flies to Tucson whenever she needs a visit or a dental care and simply walks across the border. She travels for 4,000 kilometres, but she saves quite a lot of money every time. Thousands of US citizens do the same every year: they trav more
The Healing Faiths-The portraits

Fiorenzo is a friar and a surgeon. He has been living in Africa for forty years, more precisely in Tanguieta, in the northern savanna of Benin. Here he founded and now manages the Saint Jean de Dieu Hospital, which has become a point of reference for the local population, poor and left to its own de more
I'm Italian, eventually.

Cristian is a young boy who is born from a Colombian mother and an Italian father who didn't acknowledge him. When he turned 18 he was entitled, under the Italian law, to become an Italian citizen. But there was a problem: Cristian is suffering from Down syndrome and this handicap (for this reason h more
The Healing Faiths-The journey

Fiorenzo is a friar and a surgeon. He has been living in Africa for forty years, more precisely in Tanguieta, in the northern savanna of Benin. Here he founded and now manages the Saint Jean de Dieu Hospital, which has become a point of reference for the local population, poor and left to its own de more
The Wall's voices 25 years after

For many years, Berlin was the nucleus of the Cold War between the West and the Communist world. The Wall, which divided the city from 1961 to 1989, became the symbol of the drama suffered by the German population after Nazism and the tragedy of the Second World War. The year 2014 marks the 25th ann more
Breeding ground for champions

In the last few years Accra has become a very large African metropolis thanks to Ghana's rapid economical growth. But its historic core, known as James Town, where British and Dutch built their forts for slave trade, has kept the characteristics of a large village. A city within the city, made of sh more
Guinea Bissau
A latin carnival in Africa

Guinea Bissau is among Africa's poorest countries with a particularly dramatic history. A former Portuguese colony, it became independent in 1973 after years of armed conflict. Portugal recognized the new country only one year later when the Carnation Revolution overthrew Salazar's military regime. more
Kiev, behind the barricades

Western leaders have urged the President of Ukraine to pull back his forces after 25 people were killed in fighting between anti-government protesters and police in the capital.

Since November 2013, thousands of Ukrainian protesters have taken control of Independence Square, and occupy ma more
Nogales crossroads

Paul Theroux describes the fence in Nogales as "the oddest frontier I have ever seen". A metal fence divides the city into two: on one side boring Arizona with villas and shopping centers, on the other side extravagant Mexico with mariachi, night clubs and low-cost dental clinics. After years of sho more
Into the silence

A new utopia? A distant reality? Forget it. Hermitage might seem a paradox in our self-celebrating society but it is a growing and fascinating phenomenon, instead. Modern hermits don't indulge in the search for isolation for social or personal ambitions, neither it's a matter of misanthropy. Most of more
United States
L.A. Hip Hop

Two weeks with an Hip Hop family in Los Angeles. The glamourous side and the human drama: the studio sessions, the hard work, the fun, the pimps, the girls. A world of music, sushi, weed and show off. But also a world of extreme commitment in the unbelievably tough West Coast show biz. A daily fight more
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International photojournalism