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Parallelozero is proud to open its first Fellowship, offering four graduates/post-graduates selected among the major Italian schools of photography and recommended by their teachers, a 1-year collaboration. The program is based on a professional growth roadmap aiming to introduce the photojournalist to the editorial market and publishing industry. The Fellowship program provides, through the professionals working for the agency, a service of mentoring in conceiving and developing photojournalistic projects, as well as presentation strategies. Parallelozero will promote the work of the four photographers to magazines and newsrooms and create synergies with any cultural institution interested in cooperation.

The four photojournalists selected for the 2016 Parallelozero Fellowship are:

Sara Camilli (Officine Fotografiche, Roma)
Mattia Micheli (F. Studio Marangoni, Firenze)
Federico Romano (Officine Fotografiche, Roma)
Alessio Tamborini (CFP Bauer, Milano)
Contemporary digital storytelling at its best. Epico keeps its roots both in the photojournalism and the social media strategy world. It is in fact a join venture between WHY, an agency focusing on Content Marketing, and Parallelozero.

We specialize in producing the best digital contents for international corporations, filling the gap between traditional corporate storytelling and the needs of social media channels. With short documentaries, texts, images, interviews, animation, graphic data, personal branding and top digital visual creativity, we are able to tell the story of any brand in a powerful way.

For more information please write to:

The right to health is universal, yet health is a right often denied. For many, it is simply too far away to be reached easily. Millions of people all over the world are forced to take long and sometimes excruciating trips to access the medical care which is not available in their country, either because too expensive, or illegal. Most of the times, the deep personal tragedies associated to these conspicuous flows of "health migration" are unknown to the public, because they are usually considered of scarce journalistic value by the press.

This is the reason that brought us to launch Destination Hope, a project that aims to document the problem of access to health care worldwide.

Destination Hope has been completed in 2014, and its first Italian exhibition was held in Rome from September 30th, 2014 through January 7th, 2015 at Palazzo Braschi. Check it out by taking a virtual tour at the URL on top.
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International photojournalism