China, Shanghai rich people

China - Rolls Royce generation
Young millionaires in Shanghai: not an ordinary Chinese life
Photos: Alessandro Gandolfi
They are the new Chinese entrepreneurs. Young, bright, lovers of luxury, they refuse the past (that is, politics) and look at the future with managerial grit. Boasting U.S. University degrees and European girlfriends. To settle they chose Shanghai, the New York of the East, an ambitious, cosmopolitan city far from the murky Beijing of the Communist politburo. They, the honest Chinese goodfellas (from the name of the restaurant they like best), drive around in Rolls Royce or “Fellali”, dressed in bespoke suits and – in a metropolis where space is the real luxury – living in huge apartments downtown. The “single child generation”, either self-made or having inherited a business from their father, works hard all day, but spends just as hard: Perrier Jouet champagne for men in the disco, highly expensive skin-whitening lotions for ladies. “The look is everything in China” says Mr. K.P.Yue, “but please do not write that Chinese only falsify things. Youngsters like us are different, we are creative and imaginative. We are real entrepreneurs.”
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China, Shanghai rich people
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