Istanbul artists

Turkey - Mother, am I a Barbarian?
Photos: Bruno Zanzottera
This sentence from a poem by Lale Muldur was the title of the latest art biennial that started in Istanbul in September, 2013. A theme that wanted to bring art out of the galleries and talk to people, to the 'excluded' from the new economic relations between rich and poor and from the wild capitalism that is radically changing the face of the city. A theme that became very sensitive with the explosion of the Turkish May, which saw artists playing an important role with their presence and creativity.“I told the curator of the biennial: 'You are lucky because the utopia you wanted to speak about happened in reality. But at the same time you are also unlucky because what you wanted to bring at the biennial has already happened and this somehow makes it outdated” are the words of Volkan Aslan, a famous visual artist who precipitously returned from his holiday in Greece to participate in the revolt that involved all layers of society.
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Istanbul artists
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