Italy Naples islamic culture

Italy - Neapolistan
A thriving Islamic community at the foot of Mt. Vesuvius
Photos: Giacomo Acunzo
For centuries, different influences have visually shaped the southern Italian city of Naples and its social fabric, making it very open to contaminations and prone to hospitality. Specifically, thanks to its geographical position and its University called "L'Orientale", Naples has always been a favorite place for Muslims coming from the other shores of the Mediterranean. More: the strong Islamic presence favored, in the last decades, a remarkable growth of the conversions among locals. This trend became so important that one of the major mosques in town is now run by two Italians: the Imam Agostino Yasin Gentile and its president Massimo Abdullah Cozzolino.

The mosque is the one in Piazza del Mercato: today a landmark for the spreading of the Islamic culture and a first aid and care centre for migrants. Although in the past it has been involved in anti-terrorism investigations.

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Italy Naples islamic culture
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