jordan nature reserve

Jordan - Eco adventures
Photos: Davide Scagliola
The most peaceful and restrained of all middle eastern countries is at a marketing crossroads. Should it just be famous for its beautiful Queen, Dead Sea salts and the popular city of Petra, or should it carve out a new eco-chic market for the expanding community of globe-trotting travellers? In terms of environmental resources, Jordan is one of the richest countries in the neighbouring east, and is characterised by a unique biodiversity: in just a few kilometres one passes from the desert to mountain oases, from coral reefs to canyons, from the northern wetlands overflowing with bird life, up to the Alpine habitats in the west-central regions. The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature, in collaboration with the government, has the duty to protect these extraordinary natural habitats scattered between Israel, Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia.
jordan nature reserve
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