Mexico Nogales Trump wall

Mexico - The wall
The oddest frontier
Photos: Alessandro Gandolfi
Donald Trump announced it during his presidential campaign, and once elected he confirmed it: he will build a wall at the US border with Mexico. It's not yet clear if, as he promised, Mexico will pay for it. And it's also not clear, if the wall will follow all of the 1,200 miles of border separating the two countries. It must be said, anyway, that a wall between USA and Mexico is already in place, following the border for long traits mostly on its Western side. There's a wall between Tijuana and San Diego, between Mexicali and Calexico, between Yuma and Vicente Guerrero. And then there's Nogales, Arizona, with its wall cutting the town in two. As Paul Theroux said, Nogales' wall is "the oddest frontier I’ve ever seen".

Nogales is also the best example of how the whole border may become.
A metal barrier splits the town in two: one side is the boring Arizona of villas and shopping malls, the other one is the Mexico of mariachis, night clubs and low cost dental clinics. After years of shootings and muredes on the streets, the drug cartels found an agreement and Nogales returned to be a happy crossing point where world's North and South are in touch. Here come down the US citizens that want to have fun, here come up the disperate migrants from Central America, waiting for the right moment to enter the States illegally.
Mexico Nogales Trump wall
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