milan suburbs misery

Italy - The two faces of Milan
Photos: Alessandro Gandolfi
Abandoned skyscrapers, incomplete neighborhoods, as well as deserted factories, empty schools, vacant houses and offices, derelict swimming pools and parking lots. Milan is looking forward to Expo 2015 but is ignoring an embarrassing present: almost 1,7 million square metres in the city are occupied by goods yards that are yet to be converted and abandoned industrial areas. An empty city within the city that is not productive and does not offer accommodation. An abandoned Milan, choked by the financial crisis, invaded by homeless people sleeping in the streets, where former farmhouses are falling to pieces and thousands of offices have been built despite the lack of a real demand. This is why the rent goes up and young people leave the city. 'Let’s stop building' architects claim, 'and let’s focus on renovating what already exists'.
milan suburbs misery
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