Northern Ireland elections brexit

Northern Ireland - Independence Day
Brexit upsetting Ireland's politics
Photos: Bruno Zanzottera
Recent Northern Ireland's elections are painting a new political scenario in the whole island. That was a true breaking news: for the first time in Northern Ireland the republican party Sinn Féin is now only one seat fewer than DUP (Democratic Unionist Party) but, with its allies, Sinn Féin has one seat more than the unionist front. One of the most important reason for this result is Brexit. In the historical referendum Northern Ireland expressed a huge majority of votes to stay within the EU, so with Great Britain leaving it many fear a return of the border between the two Irelands, reviving a conflict never completely resolved (the Catholic and Protestant communities of Belfast are to this day separated by a wall with gates closed everyday at sunset). In Dublin and in Belfast many are asking for a special status for the whole island to preserve the unity obtained with the peace process, but London could be willing to directly govern again its Irish province. If this will happen, Sinn Féin will ask for a referendum in the whole Ireland to reunite the island, but this would probably lead to a new time of Troubles - no good news as the old one caused more than 3,000 deads.
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Northern Ireland elections brexit
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