palestine gaza surf

Palestine - Gaza surfin' girls
Photos: Alessandro Gandolfi
Surfing in Gaza is difficult. Almost impossible if you are a girl: the eyes of all people are upon you and your jeans are soaked with water. However, four Palestinian girls decided to defy the dictates of Hamas and every day, their surfboards clutched under their arms, they head for the beach of the Annadi Al Bahri Marine Club. Their names are Sabah, Khouloud, Shorouq and Rwan. They are cousins to each other and aged between 10 and 14: they love having fun, surfing the web, playing with their friends, horse riding and visiting the parks in Gaza City.They live along the beach, their parents are fishermen and lifeguards and they are proud that their daughters play a sport, facing the waves of the Mediterranean sea. But how long will it last? Will they be forced to quit surfing as time goes by? Today, they do not think about it. Today, they are the only "surfin' girls" in Gaza.
palestine gaza surf
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