saudi arabia desert

Saudi Arabia - Ancient cities
Photos: Bruno Zanzottera
Even though oil wealth has changed the face of this nation, where Islam began its quest to conquer the world, Saudi Arabia has remained tied to its most ancient traditions, found in a population of Bedouins born and raised in the desert. Its territory is marked by vast deserts of sand, such as the notorious Rub’ al-Khali, the ‘Empty Quarter’, linked to the English explorer, Thesiger, and alternated by the spectacular sandstone canyons in the Hisma Valley. Amongst the sand and rocks one can discern the ruins of ancient cities which once flourished thanks to the incense trade. Cities such as Hegra, southern outpost of the Nabataean kingdom, and places which have a more recent location in time, such as the train stations and old locomotives along the Damascus-Medina railway line, famous for the constant attacks by Lawrence of Arabia's troops
saudi arabia desert
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