United States border patrol

United States - No one will trespass
Paramilitary volunteers patrolling the Us border
Photos: Federico Borella
A group of armed volunteers, coming from different rightwing parties and political groups, gathers in the Vekol Valley, Sonora Desert, 87 miles from Phoenix, to patrol a territory that is also known as a perfect natural way for drug traffickers and illegal immigrants.

Due to its vastness it is very difficult for the police to control the whole area: the desert which links Usa to Mexico is, as a matter of fact, a hub often used by Mexican narcos to bring enormous quantities of heroin and marijuana into United States. This time the camp was named April Revenge, after the leader’s wife, April, was mocked in a video published by the Mexico’s Sinaloa Cartel on the web page of the rightwing movement, Mountain Minuteman, and hacked by the narcos. The camp was set close to Interstate 8, the highway that goes from San Diego, CA, to Casa Grande, AZ, and crosses hundred of miles of desert: it represents the point of arrival for drug couriers and illegal immigrants who, as soon as they reach the Interstate, are usually able to make a phone call and get a car, avoiding border controls and getting more easily inside Usa. April Revenge camp and patrol actions are meant to be a deterrent: the presence of the volunteers in the area forces drug traffickers to change their route and, at the same time, tries to make the area safer by organizing patrols and check points.
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United States border patrol
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