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Carrying performing arts, and a smile, in the heart of Africa
Photos: Bruno Zanzottera
Eric Bouvron is a South African artist, but French of adoption. He had several theather experiences in Africa and in the rest of the world, and lived with many different populations. With his brother Marc, he gathered a small group of versatile artists, whose range goes from dancing to juggling to painting, to perform a series of impromptu shows, and following workshops, in the most isolated Zimbabwe's villages.

"Many of those kids don't even know what an artist is. They were born in this village, are growing in this village, will get married in this village, will get old and die here, too. Today, I saw some of them smiling: something they never did before". These were the words of Sibs, a guide of Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park, after seeing one of the shows. The goal of the project is to perform these shows on a regular basis, to give a chance to the youngsters of the villages to have a dream come true.

"Our project is just a waterdrop on the planet, but with time, a little waterdrop may become something really, really big. I think that coming back here is fundamental. We planted a seed: to nourish it is a duty, now" says Eric Bouvron.
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Zimbabwe artists
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