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The Gay Chapel of Las Vegas
What God has joined together, let no one separate

Ron and Jamie have always wanted to unite couples regardless of their sex. That's why 16 years ago they decided to create the Gay Chapel of Las Vegas, the first gay chapel in Vegas.

After having long celebrated unrecognised homosexual unions, the chapel has became more organised on October 9 more
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Everything you always believed about the Far West is wrong

Rural California, between Merced County and Yosemite Park, up to the buttresses of the Sierra Nevada, is a tough landscape, a place of baking hot summers and icy winters. This is cowboy country. But here being a cowboy isn't necessarily a man's job. For many years now this work has also been done by more
From Wakaliwood, with love
The genesis of the latest African movie industry

The average budget for a film: US$ 200. The props: frying pans and pvc pipes forming rocket launchers, condoms filled with red dye for gunshot wounds. In short, shoestring. Welcome to Wakaliwood, home to Uganda's emerging cinema industry. In Wakaliga, the ramshackle Kampala neighborhood where most f more
Metalheads of the Kalahari
Follow the metal to discover where wild things are

Botswana, the southern African country counting roughly two million people, also hosts hundreds of hard rock music fans who raised to great fame. They gathered for the first time seven years ago around Ghanzi, a village in Western Kalahari, an arid desert occupying nearly 70% of the national territo more
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