25 years on

For Rwanda, 1994 was a year of genocide, destruction, Tutsis slaughtered by machete, Western indifference, refugees fleeing to the Congo, Uganda and Tanzania and thousands of orphans. It was Year Zero, a watershed between what was and what came after.

The aftermath is an economy to breat more
A new generation
Aftermath souls

In 1994 the genocide in Rwanda created 400,000 orphans, with many born in refugee camps. The loss of their parents deeply affected the lives of these children and the adults who survived.

How did the generation born in Rwanda between 1994 and 1999 grow up, as the country sought to forget more
Venice delivery
Door to door on water

Even delivering a package involves a unique and quite extraordinary amount of effort in Venice. It matters not a whit whether said package is going to a hotel, a bar or a restaurant. Organising funerals and simple maintenance work is equally fraught. Even in this modern era of ours, day-to-day chor more
The hospital-farm
When care and faith are sustainable resources

In North Kinangop, 130 km North of Nairobi, Kenya, there is a hospital-farm. It's the North Kinangop Catholic Hospital, where African talent and Italian genius blended in to offer comfortable wood and mud stalls and state-of-the-art ECG machines and surgery facilities. Not to mention the fresh air o more
Photographic Agency
International photojournalism