Burkina Faso
Thomas Sankara's women
Agro-ecology: an additional weapon to combat climate change.

This peculiar idea of circular agriculture management combines organic agriculture and the breeding of animals for the production of fertilizer. Respecting and protecting the environment, it guarantees food independence for one of the poorest countries in Africa, in addition to the enfranchisement o more
The hidden virus
The fate of dark-skinned women

The shadows of Recife's skyscrapers stretch for miles towards the hinterland of Paraiba and the rural villages of Pernambuco in northeastern Brazil.
They hide black or mulatto mothers, under the age of 19 or over 40. They are not very well educated, but they are united by a fate that seems to more
Puerto Rico
Maria, the hurricane of change
A very different future

Puerto Rico's year zero began with Maria. After having struck the Caribbean island in September 2017, the violent category 5 hurricane has set processes in motion that are radically changing the lives of local inhabitants. Plywood houses are slowly reappearing in the devastated countryside, the furn more
Photographic Agency
International photojournalism