Phi Phi Islands - A paradise lost
How to destroy a unique natural environment

Goodbye Maya Bay! The island paradise made world famous by the cult film The Beach starring Leonardo Di Caprio is no longer the uncontaminated haven depicted in the film by director Danny Boyle in 2000. In fact, it has become the perfect example of how uncontrolled and excessive tourism, in the spac more
Europe's green capital

Ljubljana appears to be the perfect manifesto of an environmentally sustainable city. It has been proclamed "European Green Capital for 2016", by the EU Commission and his celebrating its new soul with events and ambitious projects.

With its 287,000 inhabitants, has suddenly become a model more
Artistic squatting in Ljubljana

Forget Christiania and other failed, utopian "alternative" spots. In the heart of Ljubljana (Slovenia's capital), in what was a 19th century military barracks of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, lie one of the largest and arguably most successful urban squats in Europe. The self proclaimed Metelkova "Me more
Utopia in the desert
A peaceful and creative place for very special people

Right in front of the the Atlantic ocean, hidden behind the sandy dunes, there's a small strip of Uruguayan coast swept by the wind and away frm all usual travellers' routes. So far. Cabo Polonio today is still a surreal place where a very strange community lives: no more than 50-60 people indeed de more
Tango Miracle
How to dance all day long and live a romantic life ever after

Jesus Paez and Claudia Balbi earn their living mostly out of Tango dancing. They are the perfect paradigma of a phenomenon that is affecting thousands of young people throughout the whole Argentina, especially in Buenos Aires. After a long period of decline - that has reached the lowest point in the more
Strawberries on Ice
When climate changing turns out to be good

With 80% of its land buried under an ice cap up to 3,000 meters deep, Greenland has lately become a very symbolic place in the map of climate change on our planet. Over the past ten years the temperature has risen twice as fast as the global average. This immense island situated in the Northern Atla more
Nirvana in the middle of nowhere

Ten year ago a highly respected Buddhist master, Achung Lama, settled into a uninhabited valley of eastern Tibet (now the Chinese Sichuan province) to be free to meditate, to build a monastery and spread the teachings of the Buddha. His arrival has soon attracted a growing number of monks and nuns, more
Eastern Tibet
Living under China's rule

Living under China's rule after the anti-Chinese riots of 2008-2009, the Tibetan society is going through a phase of deep changes. In Kham, as was called the eastern region of the "greater Tibet" before the invasion of Mao's army (now part of China's Sichuan province), the political and military con more
Ulaanbaatar, the glam side

Ulaanbaatar (Ulan Bator) looks like a chip of future popped out in the middle of an apparently frozen country in his distant past. All around, Mongolia is wholly made of steppes and deserts, inhabited by nomads who still live in "Ger" (traditional circular tents) and crossed by herds of yaks and hor more
Sri Lanka
Back to life

Three years after the defeat of the Tamil Tigers militia (LTTE, Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam), North Sri Lanka is finally coming back to life, trying to leave the nightmare of 30 years of civil war, almost 100.000 casualties and 400.000 refugees behind. The policy of "national reconciliation" is more
Sundarbans - The Hungry Tide

The Sundarbans is the country of The Hungry Tide, as described in Indian writer Amitav Ghosh's acclaimed novel of the same name. This is an area between India and Bangladesh (Bengal), where the Ganges forms the largest delta in the world. It is a region of mangrove forests, islands that appear and d more
Ukraine saved by caregivers

Every week many private vans full of caregivers and nannies leave Milan to go to Chernivtsi Oblast (the old Bukovina region of the Austro-Hungarian Empire), in south-western Ukraine, the "epicenter" of Ukrainian immigration in Italy.They return home only once a year for a short holiday, to meet thei more
Bayan Olgii, where the eagles fly

Bayan Olgii, on the western edge of Mongolia, is one of the most isolated regions of Central Asia, an endless sequence of raw deserts and shimmering salt lakes that follow the arc of Altai Nuruu mountains, with their glacier-wrapped peaks more than 4,000 meters in height. No more than 350,000 people more
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