Chinese generation

Chinese generation is the story of 15 chinese people - only four of which belong to the so-called G2 - that have chosen Italy to carry out their works to the highest possible level in different fields, from fashion to music and science. Thanks to the in-depth knowledge of both countries, these peopl more
Soldier's family

Italian women began entering the army in the year 2000. Since then they struggled to make a good career and be sent abroad on mission up to the age of 34, in order to have then the chance, and money, to build a family. Women can become captains, first lieutenants or corporals, but at the same time t more
Stuck in Past

Nothing has changed. The past is still present for about 270 270,000 Georgian refugees who, in twenty years of war in Abkhazia and four in South Ossetia, did not have the possibility to start an alternative life after coming back to their territories, which were occupied, and to their houses, that w more
Hotel House Riot

The Hotel House is a huge residential complex in Porto Recanati, Marche. 17 stories, 480 flats and 20 shops, it hosts almost 4000 people. A traditional summer residence, in the last 20 years it's been turning into the regular house for families from all over the world: mostly Senegal, Pakistan and B more
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