A startup nation
Tel Aviv: new economy and ideas in the Silicon Wadi.

A young city (it will only celebrate its 100th birthday in 2019) made for the young people. It's a place for those with a yearning for life, but also for new entrepreneurs who have an idea and want to put it into practice. It doesn't matter where you're from or what your story is: in Tel Aviv you'll more
A double happy marriage
Za'atari. Two brothers and a wedding

Zagharit is the Arabic name of the long, wavering, high-pitched vocal sound, resembling a howl with a trilling quality, which all women make around the bride and then the groom in every single marriage from Morocco to Iraq. We are in the streets of the Syrian Refugee Camp of Za'atari, in the north o more
New families album
Gay and lesbian parents in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv's 2014 Gay Pride theme was in the news, and still is: the new families, children with two fathers or two mothers. A study of the American Psychological Association says there is no scientific evidence that parents' sexual orientation can influence or decide the ability of being good fathers more
Beach life

Tel Aviv is worldwide known as the city that never sleep, the place where there is always at least a club open, 24 hours a day. One of the local favourite leisure activities, anyway - enjoyed by tourists, too - is to crowd the 5 kilometers of beaches extending along an endless line of big hotels in more
Story of a former surfer girl

Two years ago, when she was 15, Shorouq was a happy student who used to surf just outside her house by the beach. Today Shorouq has turned 17 and has become a woman. She is married and pregnant. She has left school and her surfboard is hanging on the wall for good. This is a common destiny for Gaza more
Yalla C'mon!

Dj Waleed shouts "Yalla, c'mon...!!!" mixing Arabic and English. This is his battle cry ever since he started working in Tel Aviv clubs in the 1980s putting on Bob Marley and Michael Jackson songs. Today Waleed Abu Abdo, better known as Dj Waleed, who is almost 60, is still Gaza's most famous disk j more
Zahia's trip

Zahia is four years old girl affected by acute myeloid leukemia. Zahia Al-hawia lives in Gaza City in a three-storey house surrounded by the love and care of her parents and grandparents. She needs to go to Tel Aviv every two weeks for treatment at the Dana-Dwek Children's Hospital where she stayed more
Almost Gaza

They have been living for ten years next to a hell called Gaza. They are Israeli families living on the border. They can see their lights and hear the muezzin. The land beyond the wall is nevertheless hostile and occupied by "People who hate us - says Erez, an old Israeli man - and they want our des more
Can't wait

One of the Gulf's richest countries, with a most troubled recent history. Invaded in 1990 by Saddam Hussein's Iraqi troops, it was literally razed to the ground. Oil wells were burned. A curtain of thick black smoke filled the sky, and for a year the sun did not rise over the country. To date, many more
The rubbish-fish boy

Gaza's youngest fisherman picks up his net among waste in the port. His name is Atef, he is 10 years old, a fan of the Barcelona football team and lives in the so-called Beach Camp, the Al-Shati refugee camp north of Gaza City. "There is not much fish off shore and we cannot go out more than 6 miles more
Gaza surfin' girls

Surfing in Gaza is difficult. Almost impossible if you are a girl: the eyes of all people are upon you and your jeans are soaked with water. However, four Palestinian girls decided to defy the dictates of Hamas and every day, their surfboards clutched under their arms, they head for the beach of the more
A history of stones

The millenniums of Jordanian history speak to us through the stones: the biblical, water-eroded valleys which saw the passage of Moses during his wanderings towards the Promised Land, the necropolises of the Nabateans, the Roman propylaea, the castles of the Crusaders. Wherever you are, in the Middl more
Saudi Arabia
Ancient cities

Even though oil wealth has changed the face of this nation, where Islam began its quest to conquer the world, Saudi Arabia has remained tied to its most ancient traditions, found in a population of Bedouins born and raised in the desert. Its territory is marked by vast deserts of sand, such as the n more
Eco adventures

The most peaceful and restrained of all middle eastern countries is at a marketing crossroads. Should it just be famous for its beautiful Queen, Dead Sea salts and the popular city of Petra, or should it carve out a new eco-chic market for the expanding community of globe-trotting travellers? In ter more
Holy and divided Jerusalem

The city of Jerusalem is for Israel its only and indivisible capital while Palestinians want Eastern Jerusalem as the capital of their future State. However, according to the UN, the status of Jerusalem depends on future negotiations. This is why one of the world's tourist destinations, a holy place more
The Palestinian-Israeli water war

Control over water resources is one of the most fierce and pivotal reasons of conflict between Israel and Palestine. Both for Palestine and Israel the present one has been the worst year since decades. Lake Tiberias is at its lowest level. The Israel water authority fears that - at this rate - the p more
Photographic Agency
International photojournalism