Everybody on board!
Enjoying life while floating on water

There are some who hate them and some who can no longer do without them. Some consider them floating tourist villages: a parallel world where time passes differently (but the kitchen is always open). Others call them "holiday starters": a quick taste of the locations where stops are planned ("to eve more
In the name of the olive
A truly global tree

There is no other tree like the olive tree. No other plant has been the focus of that many myths, and has received that much attention since ancient times. In dozens of cultures, the olive branch has been and still is a symbol of peace, faith, strength, integrity or triumph. No other plant has been more
Brothers and Sisters
My Mennonite family

"I used to be a Mennonite, so I began to tell a story about Russian Mennonites who today live in German speaking villages in Sibiria, Germany and Manitoba (Canada). Although Russian Mennonites have been living apart for up to two decades, they are still connected by their faith, their traditions and more
18 epic stories of dreams (almost) come true

Utopia is a combination of three Greek words: Eu (good), Ou (not), and Topos (place). Utopia then translates as "good no-place". It is important to remember that, being Utopia located in a "no-place", it is virtually impossible to reach it. As American artist Steve Lambert wrote, "the reason we imag more
Destination Hope

The right to health is universal, yet health is a right often denied. For many, it is simply too far away to be reached easily. Millions of people all over the world are forced to take long and sometimes excruciating trips to access the medical assistance which is not available in their city or coun more
Into the silence

A new utopia? A distant reality? Forget it. Hermitage might seem a paradox in our self-celebrating society but it is a growing and fascinating phenomenon, instead. Modern hermits don't indulge in the search for isolation for social or personal ambitions, neither it's a matter of misanthropy. Most of more
In hoc signo vinces

2013: proclaimed "the Year of Faith" by the Vatican, was also the 1700th anniversary of the Edict of Milan, better known as the edict of Constantine, which marks the beginning of freedom of worship for Christians throughout the Roman Empire. Tradition has it that Constantine converted to Christianis more
I love Mary

"God does not exist, but Mary is His mother" wrote George Santayana. From Europe to the Far East, from Africa to America and the Muslim world, here is the stunningly cross-sectional image of the Virgin, on altars, printed on fabrics sold in African markets, on souvenir stalls, on monuments, on the w more
People in the Wild

In recent years urban population has overcome the rural one. Despite this tendency seems irreversible, a large number of people keeps stubbornly living in wild lands where a delicate balance of cohabitation between man and nature has been created. This is a very fragile balance, often resulting in t more
Fire of the Earth

Geologist, volcanologist and photographer Marco Stoppato has been travelling the world for the past 25 years to photograph the spectacular shapes that the Earth's surface can produce, especially when it comes to volcanoes and phenomena related to volcanic activity. Here you can view some examples. M more
Photographic Agency
International photojournalism