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Silicon Valley Tour
Why are Facebook, Google and Apple the new secular shrines?

It must be Google's familiarity (3,5 billion hits every day), Facebook's success (more than 2,2 billion active users) or Apple's penetration of the entire world (more than one billion iPhones sold since 2007). It must be all the books and the films that have told the tale of Silicon Valley, or its u more
Puerto Rico
Maria, the hurricane of change
A very different future

Puerto Rico's year zero began with Maria. After having struck the Caribbean island in September 2017, the violent category 5 hurricane has set processes in motion that are radically changing the lives of local inhabitants. Plywood houses are slowly reappearing in the devastated countryside, the furn more
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The Gay Chapel of Las Vegas
What God has joined together, let no one separate

Ron and Jamie have always wanted to unite couples regardless of their sex. That's why 16 years ago they decided to create the Gay Chapel of Las Vegas, the first gay chapel in Vegas.

After having long celebrated unrecognised homosexual unions, the chapel has became more organised on October 9 more
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Todd Nicely. A soldier's heart
The enduring life of a quadruple amputee veteran

March 26th 2010. Cpl. Todd Nicely, 26, was leading a patrol in Lakari, Helmand province, southern Afghanistan, with 12 Marines of the 1st Squad, 1st Platoon, Company F, 2nd Battalion, 2nd Marines when his life changed forever. He and his squad were walking in staggered formation, and they were at th more
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Everything you always believed about the Far West is wrong

Rural California, between Merced County and Yosemite Park, up to the buttresses of the Sierra Nevada, is a tough landscape, a place of baking hot summers and icy winters. This is cowboy country. But here being a cowboy isn't necessarily a man's job. For many years now this work has also been done by more
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Stonewall. The temple
Have you ever been at the intersection of senses?

At the Stonewall Inn in New York City - the club where the legendary Stonewall riots took place in 1969 during which the gay liberation movement and the modern fight for gay and lesbian rights officially began - nothing is just quite like it seems: the lights of the bar at 53, Christopher Street, in more
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Jail Zoo
Living in a cage

There is a sanctuary six miles from Duval Street in Key West, Florida where abandoned, abused, confiscated and donated animals are cared for by inmates at the Monroe County Sheriff's Office Stock Island Detention Center. The farm started 20 years ago as a haven for a flock of ducks whose numbers whe more
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Where the american dream was born

Before airplanes, those traveling coast to coast across USA by train had to pass through Chicago. Strategic and logistic center since its very beginning, the "wind city" became the slaughter house of America: Chicago's meat processing system inspired the idea of the assembly line and the whole capit more
Nanuk's world
The capital of polar bears

Once a year Churchill becomes the world capital of polar bears. Between October and November, in this remote village of Canada (with a thousand inhabitants and two-hour flight from Winnipeg, or two days by train) overlooking the Hudson Bay, the bears wait the bay to freeze completely to move north, more
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No one will trespass
Paramilitary volunteers patrolling the Us border

A group of armed volunteers, coming from different rightwing parties and political groups, gathers in the Vekol Valley, Sonora Desert, 87 miles from Phoenix, to patrol a territory that is also known as a perfect natural way for drug traffickers and illegal immigrants.

Due to its vastness it more
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In the name of Hitler
"We must secure the existence of our people and for white kids"

This words - pronounced by David Lane - comes directly from "Mein Kampf" and represent one of the main concepts of the American National Socialist Movement. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center in Washington, the NSM is now-a-days the most important and active party of the extreme right in t more
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A soldier's heart
When the war changes your mind, body and soul. For ever

On March 26, 2010, Corporal Todd Nicely, 26, is in charge of a patrol of twelve Marines in Helmand, in Afghanistan. Suddenly he hears the creepy sound of the activation mechanism of a pressure plate of a IED (improvised explosive device). This simple click will mark his life forever. The explosion t more
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Crystal Meth Drug

Crystal Meth is a totally synthetic drug which comes in the form of white crystals. It can be sniffed, smoked in a glass pipe or injected. It is considered one of the strongest and most harmful drugs ever, as addiction comes right after the very first dose. Physical degradation sets in fast. The sub more
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De Blasio's New York

On November 6th, 2013, "socialist" Bill de Blasio was elected Mayor of New York City. His program includes the financing of minimum wages and kindergartens by raising taxes for the richest citizens. Radical ideas which since some time encounter a fertile ground in the U.S. In a recent survey, when a more
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Slab City

Since the housing bubble burst, nearly 4 million American homes have been taken from their owners. Slab City is a squatters' camp deep in the badlands of California's poorest county, where the road ends and the sun reigns, about 190 miles southeast of Los Angeles. The vast state-owned property gets more
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New York Renaissance

New York City? Simply being there is exciting. Tom Wolfe is right: being in New York, walking around its districts, visiting this puzzling and hectic post-modern metropolis that never sleeps, is a sensory experience. A quarter of a century ago, in his novel The Bonfire of the Vanities, Wolfe provide more
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