Cook Islands
Tropical chic

15 islands scattered over an area of 2 millions square kilometers in the Pacific Ocean. Two groups of atolls separated by 1.200 kms of sea, half way between New Zealand and Hawai. Rarotonga, Aitutaki, Atiu, Mitiaro, Manihiki, are names evoking the quintessential of the Tropics. Voulcanic and coral i more
French Polynesia
Searching for paradise

In a 1872 novel, Pierre Loti wrote:"Working is an unknown word in Oceania and for the Tahitian people, the years go by in idleness". These words attracted painter Paul Gaugin's curiosity. With no money and a true yearning for leaving France, one day he came across a leaflet that he found in Paris: more
New Zealand
The women in black

The Black Ferns are thirty-two women that make New Zealand's national rugby team, the female equivalent of the famous All Blacks. Composed by athletes who are often bulky, heavily muscled, very tattooed and, according to their male counterparts, pretty mean on the field, the team is, as much as the more
Flying over the West Coast

A coast to coast amongst the clouds and Australian skies. That is, from Perth to Darwin on board a small, private airplane, to discover the wonders of the western coast of Australia from up high, thanks to an aeronautical adventure of five thousand kilometres. A flying safari which starts off in the more
Along the Great Ocean Road

Having returned home from the First World War, three thousand soldiers from Victoria suddenly found themselves jobless. Someone came up with the idea to hire them to finally build a road to connect inland Australia with the coast. This road still exists today and is considered to be one of the most more
Waltzing Matilda

Waltzing Matilda is a popular Australian song, a sort of second national anthem. It tells the story of a swagman who steals a sheep and, to escape from the police, drowns in a billabong, one of the many small isolated lakes in the Australian outback which are the remnants of a dry river. The Austral more
Welcome to Atlantis

Tuvalu: nine atolls, 26 square kilometres, 11,000 inhabitants. The fourth smallest state in the world, lost in the middle of the Pacific, almost on top of the date line. In 2050, according to the UN report on climatic change, it will have completely disappeared, engulfed by the ocean, whose level is more
Photographic Agency
International photojournalism