United Arab Emirates
Abu Dhabi - Arabian miracle

Before the discovery of oil in the 1970's, Abu Dhabi was a modest fishing village surrounded by the desert dunes. After a little more than 40 years, the emirate boasts one of the most modern cities in the Arabian peninsula, and most of all the highest percentage of public green, obtained by the desa more
Surfin' Gaza

I've arranged to meet the guys on the beach in the afternoon, once they've finished work. There's a baker, a builder, a fisherman and a student from the Al-Azhar University. They smile as they stroll with their surfboards underarm, as if they were in Biarritz or California. But we're in Gaza instead more
Gaza is wonderful!

From the outside Gaza looks like an open air jail. Even if the people who live there dream about a normal life, for the rest of the world Gaza looks like hell. Seen from the inside instead, Gaza is a place of dignity and hope that - unluckily - nobody wants to tell about. Gaza is Wonderful! it is ob more
Gaza daily life

"They want to turn us into victims. But after the bombings I rebuild, clean and put things back in place. Because I don't want to be a victim. I want life to go on in Gaza, always". Maamon Khozendar, 56, entrepreneur, is the symbol of a wealthy Gaza which doesn't believe in suffering. A Gaza which d more
Little Ranias grow up

They're women between 20 and 40 years of age, who live in the cities and don't wear the veil, those who visit coffee shops and shopping centres. They call them the "Rania Generation", because they'll go to any lengths to resemble the queen, copying her clothes and her hairstyle, her natural make-up more
13 women against Al-Qaeda

In Yemen, thirteen veiled women, dangerous and armed to the teeth, have chosen a life of battles. The enemies are two, terrorism and prejudice, the weapons to combat them, different: for the first, an assault light machine gun, for the second, to exist is enough. For the Yemeni society, chronically more
Saudi Arabia
Bye bye petroleum

What will the Saudi Arabia of the future be like? The reformist and open-minded Arabia of King Abdullah, sovereign for the past four years, or the austere and conservative Arabia of the Muslim Ulema? I tried to imagine it, travelling from the capital,Riyadh, to the desert of the Nabataeans in the no more
Gaza - The Fuck generation

A few months ago a "Manifesto" was published on the web by a group of young people from Gaza. "Fuck Hamas - the Manifesto commenced -, fuck Israel, fuck Fatah, fuck the UN, fuck the UNWRA, fuck the USA! We, the youth of Gaza, are so fed up with Israel, Hamas, the occupation, the violations of human more
Saudi Arabia
The Oil Empire

Slight signs of change are beginning to be noticed in this traditionalist oil empire. Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al Saud, the Saudi king who came to power in 2005, is attempting to open the Nation to outside, 'infidel' eyes. Aware of the fact that a wealth based solely on oil extraction will not last f more
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